December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

Since last time I have been working hard on woodcutting gaining surmountable expierence since last time. I achieved 90 Woodcutting with little trouble and am now onto my next goal.

Collecting battlestaves daily really helps when it comes to all the exp you gain from crafting them. I lack 92 Prayer, which is the last requirement for me and the Varrock Elite Diary so I cant get the full amount of battlestaves daily(80). I'm able to get 64 with the hard diary complete which is OK I guess. I was getting closer and closer each week until I got level 87 Crafting!

Penguins also got me to 93 Runecrafting. All those months and months of penguins and only one measly level...

I'm working toward another requirement for those elite diaries, 96 Fishing. I have gotten 91 Fishing which was the result of lots of AFK at the Living Rock Caverns fishing Rocktails. Results from my math shows that the exp/hr here isn't impressive so I wont be here much longer.

November 28, 2010

November 29, 2010

I've been working on my woodcutting which drags on forever. I honestly hate the skill its so boring and reptitive and my rank still stinks, Uck! I've been working on other skills and finished up level 90 in the build and destroy skill.

I was feeling left out when half of Divination a skilling clan I'm apart of was cooking. I bought enough sharks for 99 Cooking and pounded out the 4.3m exp I needed in about 2 days time. Now I have another 99 not impressive but 99 Cooking.

I've been working on woodcutting chop chop chop and dragging on to the next level (89). I also noticed I was getting close to a Firemaking level (94) from all the work my Inferno Adze has been doing. I just want to be finished with this skill just 2 more levels until freedom, I can see the light! Here is 88 Woodcutting,

I almost forgot, I also got 2200 total level. This also sneaked up on me in the last 2 or 3 levels which all of a sudden hazza!

November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010

Working on more and more of those goals, I've made little progress with woodcutting lately mostly laziness. But I have made some progress pushing past level 85 Woodcutting before getting to occupied with other things.

Yea, not impressive but if I push through and work hard on it I probably could get it done by the end of this week.

I've also been working on Construction, the exp per hour is really fast even if I am cheeping out and doing oak doors over mahogany tables. I have a single level left in my goal of 90+ stats, so that must mean 89 Construction?

Those two skills are really the only ones I've been working on lately. I've been doing penguins and getting closer and closer to level 93 RuneCrafting (230k) which is nice to see the weeks of hunting starting to pay off in the levelage. I've also been debating another 99 skill, most likely I think it will be Hunter. Hunter is easy, fast and efficient with the butterflies which is what I like in a skill. I will start once I get 90 Construction and Woodcutting next weekend hopefully. I plan on only training Hunter on the weekends and train other skills like Fishing or Woodcutting during the week as they are easy to train AFK meaning I can do homework at the same time. I have also got Dungeoneering (66) which I still haven't trained which I would like to be 90.

So many questions so few answers.

November 6, 2010

November 6, 2010

I know as promised I would update my status so far this weekend, so here we go. I got 99 Smithing it wasn't as exciting as I had expected but none the less I got a new cape which is looking really nice.

The emote is really long but pretty cool none the less. I was also surprised at how good it looks with the agile armors.

So after finishing those goals I decided that I best make some more to keep me focused in game. The big goal before year end is to get all skills 90+ so what I have left are Woodcutting (84), Crafting (86), Herblore (88), Construction (84) and Dungeoneering (66). Woodcutting is fairly afk at the grove so I can knock that off during the weekdays. Herblore is taken care of up to level 94, the herbs are just ready to be put into vials and mixed. Crafting should take less than a weekend if I stay focused. I decided to drop the few million for the 18k or so oak planks I need for level 90 Construction. I started to work on that as its the most enjoyable for me. I've already gotten level 85, 86 Con and am closing in on 87.

I think that I'll start Woodcutting Monday and keep at it until level 90. That should get me to 2200 total level too... oh yea.

October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010

Well as the lack of blogs pertain, I have started school full time again. This summer was nice but its now time to get my learn on. Between academics and athletics my time is off the essence but I have found the time to get some stuff done on Runescape. I'm continuing to work towards my goals one of which is 99 Magic and 99 Smithing.

I finished up one yesterday by surprise I found that I was under 100k to level 99 Magic. I had not noticed the million or so exp since getting 98 and was getting closer and closer the more superheating I did. That lead to 99 Magic (10.23.10)

and of course the new emote looks way cooler than the old one.

Smithing isn't far behind and I expected 99 Magic far before 99 Smithing. As of writing this I'm about 300k exp from level 98. I got level 97 sometime ago, Monday maybe? who knows...

I also did the 2010 Halloween event which is much to my liking compared to the past few holiday events which have been terrible. The bone broach was just a free version of the ring of stone and the emote isn't bad but is interesting... I found to really like the storyline of the 'quest' and made it enjoyable. I haven't been keeping up with any of the new quests, no time I guess. I'm still at 302QP since I haven't done a quest in so long I'm guessing thats what makes this one so enjoyable.

99 Smithing this weekend, look out for another post then.

September 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

Well I have finally decided that the next skill to 99 will most likely be Magic. I'm planning on superheating gold ores for fast Smithing and Magic exp. It comes at a hefty cost but I can knock 2 skills out in one go which is a huge plus! I recieved level 96 Magic after a few hours of bankstand.

I also managed two more Smithing levels (91,92) level 92 Smithing being the most recent.

I've continued my goal of top 200 Farmers past level 99 which I got not to long ago. I have been keeping up with Farming runs and herbs when I have the 5min to dedicate to it and not be so lazy. I got 14m Farming with ease and wasn't even expecting it!

Well since finishing up Fishing I have been working away at Woodcutting. Woodcutting should be a lot quicker than Fishing and may I mention the firemaking also adds up. I finished up 3 levels since starting, 84 Woodcutting is the most recent.

After saving up over 1500 battlestaves I decided that I mind as well start attaching those orbs. It took quite awhile but in the end I was rewarded with 86 Crafting.

September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Well, I finally achieved my goal of 90 Fishing.

All in all Fishing isn't to bad of a skill, some may disagree but you have to look at the facts. 2.0m to 5.3m Fishing exp took me 17days only 15 if you count out those days I was training Herblore during the Bonus Exp. Weekend. On average I gain about 56-59k Fishing exp per hour also not including the 5.5k Agility and Strength which paid off in the form of two levels each. Barbarian Fishing with mousekeys doesn't gain any profit but is well worth it if you have alternative ways of making quick cash.

So ends one goal and another begins this time it will be Woodcutting. Many people flock to Ivy but I want to use the full effect of my Inferno Adze and head to the grove. Cutting Ivy at level 80 woodcutting provides about the level x 1000 so, 80k xp/hr. At the grove I can manage 80k per hour and also gain enough Firemaking exp from 80-99 Woodcutting to get from 92-97 Firemaking!

Lets say you chopped the ivy from 80-99 Woodcutting gaining an average of 87k per hour. 127 hours will be used on woodcutting alone if you wanted to then get 97 Firemaking with maple logs it would take another 43 hours! In that same time will a little more consontration you can save those 43 hours and for example make double nature runesduring that time. About 1m per hour can be gained runecrafting nature runes at 91+ this is 43m gp over that time!

Suprise! no mindless firemaking required:

September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010

Since I have been Barbarian fishing these past few days I never noticed how much the Agility and Strength exp count up after fishing for so long. I was close to an Agility level and ran over to the Advanced Gnome Course for the 3k exp I needed. I got 90 Agility in no time and its another one in the 90's with little work. w00t

I have been of course Fishing and got another couple of levels since my last post. 89 Fishing is so close to 90 I can feel it. I hopefully can get the 500k exp this weekend and another level 90 skill is about to be finished.

Also, the Raven chick that I posted about a few blogs back has grown up into a fully grown raven. It honestly looks a lot like the Zammorak Bird just in the color black.

Stop pk'ing:

Where are your clothes?

September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010

I have been working on Fishing up some fish these past few days in lure of some mega exp. I have gained 5 levels so far putting my current level at 85 Fishing which I got yesterday.

I think fishing cavefish at 85 Fishing would be like fishing sharks at 76 fishing, fail. I didn't even bother as some friends told me that even at 88/89 Fishing they were only able to get 20-25k exp per hour with profits under 200k per hour. It wasn't worth the time as I could easily make 1m+ per hour running nature runes and fish barbarian style for 55k+ exp per hour.

Double exp weekend also started this morning for me at 5am, I didn't have the chance to get on that early as I have commitments to other more important things... an education. I was able to get on later today and lucky Americans get Monday off for Labor Day. My plan was to do the following in the following order, Herblore-Smithing/Magic-Fishing if time.

I got the 2.2m Herblore exp that I wanted and it got me from 81-88 Herblore in about 2.5 hours. I'm now able to make extreme attacks and greenman up to 89 for the extreme strengths. Slayer will begin once I get 88 Dungeoneering..

After that I began superheating the 100k+ gold that litters my bank. I got through about 2000 of it before taking a short break, I check my exp to notice that the Magic and Smithing were not even. I began with both 400k from a level and they advance with superheating at the same rate. I was upset to notice that I did have my gauntlets on but that they don't work this weekend. JaGeX never announced this in either the news post that came out today or the fourm post that has been up for the past 2 weeks. I'm not bothered about losing the ore as millions more can be bought but that I wasted the hour or so superheating for the magic exp that I didn't want.

My back-up plan is to fish this weekend which doesn't sound fun but I don't having anything else to do besides that for now.

August 22, 2010

August 22, 2010

This past Sunday a rather large achievement was surpassed, I got level 99 Farming with a few friends and a few members of canting. Thanks to those who were able to show up with 5min notice.

Besides that I worked for about 2 days on Hunter and gained two levels, 89 and 90 Hunter. Snowy Nights are fast exp, upwards of 120-140k per hour and 91 should be achievable if I don't get to bored to fast.

In Runescape news another Double Exp Weekend will be Labor Day weekend. I personally will be training Herblore which should take a whole 4 hours out of the weekend. I still don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of that time... Maybe Construction maybe superheating gold? I also was able to upload 2 small training guides for both Fishing/Magic and Smithing/Magic on my YouTube accout: